MACRA / MIPS Consulting

MIPS: An Opportunity To Be Realized

The foremost team of Meaningful Use experts is now providing premier leadership and guidance to Eligible Clinicians and healthcare organizations affected by the MACRA & MIPS Medicare Part B reimbursment program.

Actions taken in 2017 will directly affect 2019 reimbursement, professional reputation, and practice value.

Does your practice deliver a high volume of Medicare Part B services or Part B drugs? If so, we can help achieve a significant positive impact to your bottom line and boost you professional reputation by increasing your MIPS Composite Performance Score.

MIPS: An Opportunity To Be Realized

The MIPS “composite score” will be generated annually for affected Medicare Part B eligible clinicians. That critical score will directly impact:

Medicare Part B Reimbursementadjustment up to +/- 9% in 2022, an 18% swing

Professional Reputationthe MIPS score will be posted on the CMS Physician Compare website

Practice Valuemodification to future earnings will directly affect current practice value related to potential mergers and acquisitions

Provider CompensationMIPS eligible clinicians will have greater value to a practice based on MIPS score

Loan Ratiosthe ability to acquire and maintain a loan based on the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR)

We deliver strategic actionable decisions that lead to the highest possible MIPS scores.

Our expertise, backed by the MyMipsScore analytic engine, allows us to provide the decision making guidance to achieve the highest possible MIPS composite score.

For over 10 years the EMR Advocate team has brought clarification and guidance to health technology vendors, hospital systems, and medical practices on health information technology and reimbursement compliance.