MIPS 2017: Time Runneth Out

by | Sep 19, 2017 | MIPS

There is less than two weeks left on the clock. October 2nd is coming fast and brings the beginning of the last 90-day MIPS performance period for 2017. If plans have not already been made then next week is the last opportunity you will have to decide what to do if you are an Eligible Clinician (EC) impacted by MIPS. If there is any doubt about your participation status go here and enter your NPI number. That will let you know immediately if you need to do something in 2017 to protect your 2019 Medicare Part B reimbursement and professional reputation.

I have beaten the drum for over a year about the importance of the MIPS Composite score. Prior posts are available here. There are four participation options for 2017 and two of them should be disregarded immediately. Option 1, doing nothing, will give you an automatic 4% Medicare Part B penalty in 2019 and a public MIPS score of 0. Option 2 will avoid penalties in 2019 but leaves you with a MIPS score of 3. Option 4 requires submission of an entire year of data to Medicare. Probably not too many can pull that one off. That only leaves Option 3 as the only acceptable path for MIPS in 2017 for most ECs.

Option 3: CMS calls this “Partial Participation” and lays out the requirements: “If you submit 90 days of 2017 data to Medicare, you may earn a neutral or positive payment adjustment and may even earn the max adjustment.” In addition, with the right strategy (individual vs. group reporting, submission method, choice of “MIPS friendly” vs. clinical quality measures, etc.) a high MIPS score can bring all the advantages referenced here.

As we approach the beginning of the last 90-day reporting period decisions and strategies will need to be in place to assure a high MIPS score. There will not be an opportunity to back pedal or second guess. Don’t let indecision or lack of knowledge of the MACRA/MIPS program adversely affect your Medicare Part B reimbursement, practice value, and professional reputation.

Our team of experts, using MyMipsScore, the premier MIPS data analysis engine, can help you achieve the highest possible MIPS score. We do not offer “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” consulting. If a high MIPS score is important to your practice we are the team to contact. Our goal is not to avoid penalties, but deliver actionable strategic decisions that lead to the highest possible MIPS score.