The Final MIPS Scores: What to Know

by | Aug 6, 2018 | MIPS

The MIPS scores based on 2017 performance were released just over a month ago and there are a few things to know.

It is now possible to sign in and, as CMS tell us, “view your final performance feedback, which includes your final score and payment adjustment information.” Some MIPS affected clinicians who have checked in had been expecting a 4% positive adjustment based on their score of 100. It was not to be. Based on numerous reports the incentive for a score of 100 is 2.02%. The lowering of the eligibility thresholds for 2017 kept many clinicians out of the incentive pool and if you toss in the resultant “scaling factor” you can see the end result could be disappointment for many with high scores.

If a MIPS eligible clinician has not checked their Final Score it is easy to do. Go to the QPP website and login. If you think there has been an error in your score you can request a Targeted Review by 10/1/2018.

In a recent webinar CMS revealed stated that the public release of MIPS scores on the Physician Compare website should not be expected until December of this year. The scores will be viewable on individual Provider Profile pages, so it will take some work to compare providers. The downloadable file with all the data on all clinicians will not be available until Spring 2019. I wonder why there is such a delay in the release of the giant file but better late than never.