MACRA / MIPS Consulting

 MACRA/MIPS Consulting

Over the past 10 years Jim Tate, President and Founder of MIPS Consulting, has brought together a handpicked team of experts in the Health Care Technology and Compliance field. That team has provided services that encompass EHR certification and software development as well as extensive education to providers in the areas of Meaningful Use, PQRS, and the MACRA/MIPS reimbursement program. From vendors to hospital systems to medical practices, the MIPS Consulting Team has provided clarification, education, and strategy development to maximize reimbursement.

The Team at MIPS Consulting:

  • Authored the first step-by-step manual for Meaningful Use: The Incentive Roadmap
  • Authored the first whitepaper on the MACRA/MIPS program: MIPS for the Rest of Us
  • Worked with over 300 EHR vendors on their ONC certification initiatives
  • Provided expertise and leadership in over 350 Meaningful Use audits and appeals
  • Delivered education across the nation on PQRS, Meaningful Use, Certification, and now, MACRA & MIPS